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Queen Silvia Nursing Award is a scholarship for nursing students in Sweden and Finland, founded in 2013 as a gift to Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden on her 70th birthday. Swedish Care International founded the scholarship with the intention and purpose to increase awareness of and focus on good care of elderly and dementia patients. We chose nursing students as recipients of the scholarship with the goal to find driven people with ideas, not impacted by convention, but creative and with different perspectives.

We ask participants to apply for the scholarship by submitting ideas, which could be products, services, processes or similar. The criteria is that the idea in some way improve the care of elderly and/or dementia patients.

Process and execution

The application period runs from September to mid November. Applications are managed through a crowdsourcing system developed by People2join in Finland. The students don’t only have to apply with there ideas, but are also encouraged to rate and comment ideas from other applicants. Using an algorithm the most popular and viable ideas climb through the ranking and is used as a base for the jury (made up by executives in related industries and
representatives from our partners).

Results and evaluation

In total the scholarship has attracted almost 2000 applications from all nursing schools in Sweden, Finland and Poland between 2013-2016.


Previous fellows of Queen Silvia Nursing Award

in 2016, the scholars of Queen Silvia Nursing Award was Saga Wahlström from Mälardalens University in Sweden, Michelle Ena from Novia University of Applied Sciences in Vasa and Natalia Duszeńska from Medical University of Warsaw in Poland

In 2015, the scholars of Queen Silvia Nursing Award was Pernilla Rönntoft from University of Gothernburg in Sweden and Elias Kallio from the Tampere university of Applied Sciences in Finland.

The winners of Queen Silvia Nursing Award 2014 is Emilia Engman, 27 years old from The Red Cross University College in Stockholm and Laura Virtanen from the Metropolia Academy of Applied Science.

In 2013 Hanna Davidsson was the first person to receive the award from the hand of H.M. Queen Silvia and was subsequently rewarded with 50 000 SEK (6 000 EUR) as well as with a six months internship with the Queen Silvia Nursing Award partners in Sweden and around the world.

International expansion

After evaluating the number of participants and the attention from media, partners and other stakeholders Swedish Care International decided to continue developing Queen Silvia Nursing Award in Sweden. In addition to this we launched the scholarship in Finland in 2014 and in Poland in 2016. In 2017 the scholarship is launched in Germany as well. During the next award ceremony in early 2018 we will have scholars from 4 countries to receive the award.


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